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What is The Music Transcriber?

Sibelius 8 Plugins are now here. Since Sibelius 4, The Music Transcriber has been providing Sibelius Plugins for publishers, composers, arrangers, and engravers alike. With over 70 Sibelius Plugins on the market (many included for free in Sibelius 7) anyone working within Sibelius can find something just right for their sheet music needs.

The Music Transcriber also offers custom development of Sibelius Plugins (from Sibelius 4 through Sibelius 8) and other sheet music software at reasonable prices. We have served thousands of customers with both our standard Sibelius Plugins, Custom Sibelius Plugins, and other sheet music software. If you have a need for better sheet music or Sibelius plugins, we can help. Check out the store or shoot an email through the contact button in the navigation bar.

Sibelius Plugin Store

There are many individual Sibelius plugins you can buy at incredibly low prices and, if you are a serious composer or publishing house, you may want to check out the Publisher Bundle, Engraver Bundle, or Composer Bundle.

Sheet Music

In addition to sheet music software development (not just limited to Sibelius, but also a history of providing many rich online music solutions), The Music Transcriber has been a long time music engraving and transcribing service valued by composers and publishers all over the world. You can learn about these services on the sheet music page.

With a reputation for making composers' lives easier, publishers' jobs more efficient, and engineers' work more enjoyable, The Music Transcriber has distributed software to over 40,000 satisfied individuals and counting.

If you need to automate your Sibelius workflow, custom sheet music software, or music engraving and transcription, you've come to the right place; search no further, The Music Transcriber has just what you are looking for.