Sibelius Plugins

With over 70 Sibelius Plugins on the market (many included for free in Sibelius), anyone working within Sibelius can find something just right for their sheet music needs. Speed up your work flow or create music in new and exciting ways with Sibelius plugins.

Instrument and Kontakt Plugins

Developed from over two decades of composition, these instruments are made by and for the professional modern composer and music producer. Specializing in hybrid acoustic instruments and used in major productions in Hollywood, help your sound move into the modern era.

Audio and Mixing Plugins

Used by major studios and Billboard-charting music producers, turn your scores and productions into lush, epic soundscapes, gritty ear-assualts, or subtle acoustic masterpieces with this ever evolving catalog of audio and mixing plugins.


Expand your SIBELIUS toolbox

Plugins expand the functionality of your music software. Jump into the big-leagues of Sibelius engraving and composing with deeper tools.

automate repeating tasks

In Sibelius, redundant tasks can be automated through the use of plugins. Stop wasting your time and start making more music.

Publisher tools

In addition to composing tools, we offer plugins for logging engraving time, export score info to HTML, and other publisher-oriented tools.

Affordable online purchasing

Individual plugins are priced low and plugin bundles will save you even more money.

SIBELIUS Plugin Bundles

There are many individual Sibelius plugins you can buy at incredibly low prices and, if you are a serious composer or publishing house, you may want to check out the bundles.


Composer Arranger Bundle


Engraver Bundle


Publisher Bundle

Frequently asked questions

When you purchase, you will make an account.  You will be able to download your plugins from your account page. You are able to download them twice, and there is no expiration on when you can download them.

Sibelius Plugins work with all paid versions of Sibelius.

All of the Kontakt instruments are coded for the latest version of Kontakt (Kontakt 6) and require the full paid version of Kontakt. However, since the are file libraries you do not need to install them through Native Access but can install them anywhere you would like. We kept it this way to keep the cost of these plugins low and affordable for the working composer.

Aside from our Kontakt Instruments and Sibelius Plugins,  plugins come as  both Audio Unit and VST formats. These will work in all major DAWs except Pro Tools. But if you would like these for Pro Tools, let us know and with enough demand we will release them.

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