Alternating Signatures

This plug-in creates alternating time signatures of the user’s choosing. Additionally, the user can choose to add key signatures along with time signatures. If no key signature is desired, choose No Key Change. When creating time signatures the user can specify how many bars between signature changes (the default is set to 1 bar, so that signatures alternate every bar). The user also specifies how many times to create the pattern of alternating signatures. If it is desirable to do this to the whole score, choose a very large number and the plug-in will round it down to fit the length of the score.

A final option, if the user selects a bar before running the plug-in, that bar will act as the starting point for creating alternating measures. If no bar is selected, the first bar of the score will serve as the starting point.

The new dialog for Sibelius 6 allows for a streamlined process with just one window for both signatures, as well as a new parameter to hide the newly created time signatures, incredibly helpful for alternating signatures that are similar, but just with different beaming (like alternating 3/4 and 6/8…).