Barline Tool

This plug-in is meant to be an all-around utility for barlines and special barlines, it has four main modes: Create Barlines, Replace Barlines, Locate Barlines, and Process Barlines.

Create Barlines will create a specific type of (special) barline for every bar in a selection or score (although there is little reason to do that to a whole score), thus saving the hassle of creating a special barline one bar at a time. This mode is particularly useful if a section or movement of a score utilizes a specific barline style.

Replace Barlines will allow the user to replace one specified barline type with another specified barline type. This mode is extremely helpful if you have a score with a bunch of special barlines and feel that another type of special barline is actually better suited to the music. For example, if tick barlines were originally favored but the publisher expects in between staves barlines, just select the passage or run on the whole score and all the ticks can be replaced within between staves barlines. Essentially, it makes correcting a bad barline decision or switching from one convention to another very easy.

Locate Barlines is exactly as it sounds. It will locate barlines of a specified type within a selection or entire score. This information can either be printed to the trace window or a user-defined log file. It is particularly useful when determining movement or section information. Another particularly helpful usage of this function is in cases when there should not be any barlines of a certain type within a score and the user would like to check if any exist, and, if so, where.

The final mode, Process Barlines, allows the user to perform more fundamental procedures to a specified barline type over a selection or entire score. The user can hide, show, delete, or filter/select barlines of a specified type. This is particularly useful in removing special barlines, hiding barlines instead of using invisible barlines, or showing barlines that have been previously hidden. While there are not many more things you could do to a barline that are not already available in this plugin, just in case you think of something, this option has been included so that selected barlines can be processed after the plugin is finished running.