Batch Process Score Info

Are you a serious publisher, or are you someone who just wants to take their scores as seriously as a publisher? Are you an engraver taking care of other composers’ and publishers’ scores? The Score Info in Sibelius scores is one of the most essential ways to detail the proprietary and commercial information for a score. Now there is a bulk method to manage the Score Info fields for all or some of your Sibelius files.

Say you need to update/change the copyright date on a huge folder of scores, or the publisher changed their name, or the composer’s dates changed, it would be an arduous task to open all your scores and manually change this information; a redundant annoyance and huge loss of time.

Modeled after the Sibelius Score Info dialog, this plugin allows access to all of your score info fields. It also allows you to enable or disable fields so you can choose to overwrite them or not. A few other helpful buttons, and a quick and easy way to locate your folders of scores for processing. An essential for any organized Sibelius user.