Create Text From List

This plug-in creates text from two corresponding lists. Just type in your text in one text edit field (separated by commas), and type a corresponding list of bar numbers in the other text edit field (also separated by commas). You may attach the text to a specific staff or all staves.

Not only is it helpful for copying and pasting text files, but you can drag the plug-in dialog window around your monitor closer or over top of your PDF viewer for faster input.

Another useful feature is that it supports subdivisions of the bar. Often times when inputting text you may be doing so over bar rests. In such cases, it becomes arduous to create text over subdivisions of the bar (since there is nothing immediate to attach them to). Conversely, it is simple to do do this within this plug-in: just type in the bar number with the appropriate decimal. For example, if you would like the chord symbol to appear 2/3rds of the way through the 5th bar, you would type “5.75”, or if you wanted it 7/8ths through the bar you would type “5.875”.

One of the more advanced features is the support of voices. To create the text in a specific voice all you do is add an additional decimal point and number, so halfway through bar 2 in the third voice, you type “2.5.3”.

Text is a necessary part of most scores, now it is quite easy to quickly input them from text.

Inspired by Jay Vilnai.