Locate Ties Entered As Slurs

A lot of us have dealt with cleaning up a score that was not entirely entered into Sibelius properly. Among the most common of mistakes is confusing slur entry with tie entry. In Sibelius ties and slurs are different objects and are entered in quite a different fashion. Finding all the ties that were entered incorrectly is a very time-consuming task.

This plug-in allows users to check for slurs that were probably meant to be ties. Essentially, the plugin searches through all the slurs to find those that connect notes of the same pitch. Since sometimes there are correct slurs between notes of the same pitch when articulations are present the plugin allows for specialized treatment of these cases.

In order to aid in cleaning up this mistake, there are options to locate, locate and color suspect ties, add text at suspected errors (including comments!), and the more powerful option to replace the slurs with real ties.