Open All Scores In Folder And Subfolders

Ever work on such a big project that you are required to open a bunch of scores at the same time? Ever have the frustration of going through lots of subfolders just to open all of the Sibelius scores? It seems like it might not take that much time, but if you are working on this same project for multiple Sibelius sessions, it is definitely going to add up.

This plugin allows you to open all Sibelius files in Folders and Subfolders all at once, saving you navigation time and the bore or repetitive clicking. Less mouse equals more time.

Additionally, it offers options to open to the first page of music (instead of wherever you last were in the score), and it now, starting in Sibelius 6.1, allows you to specify if you would like to open all scores to Panorama or Normal View. If you work on large projects all day, I’m sure you get bored of manually opening all the scores for the day…