Suggest Page Turns

This plug-in scans the currently opened score for bars that would make suitable locations for a page turn. It outputs two lists, ‘Best Suggested Page Turns’ and ‘Other Suggested Page Turns’. The plug-in does not actually make the page turns for you, it simply suggests the best locations for such a turn. It is most effective when running on a part, as there are fewer staves, and larger/full scores are generally not concerned with the playability of a page turn.

The plug-in recognizes the number of staves and will notify the user if the staff count is high enough as to complicate page turns. Additionally, if you are in a score with more than one staff, you can select a staff to base the suggested page turns on. If there are no apparent good spots for page turns the plugin will notify the user. The output is printed to the trace window or to a user-specified log file.